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1. Types of Members
There are two types of members in this Chamber: regular members and associate members.

<Definition of regular and associate members> (Excerpt from the Articles of Incorporation)
【A】Main Member:
(1) Branches, agents and representative offices of Japanese corporations, enterprises and economic organizations located in Hong Kong.
(2) A local joint venture in which a Japanese individual or corporation holds more than 50% of the shares or in which the Japanese side has substantial control.
(3) Main member as of the time of the amendment of the articles of incorporation on June 18, 2004.

【B】Associate Member:
(1) Japanese nationals who are employed by an enterprise or an economic organization located in Hong Kong other than (1) and (2) of 【A】 of the preceding paragraph and who reside in Hong Kong.
(2) A local enterprise having a capital, trade or other special relationship with Japan.
3. a corporation, enterprise, or economic organization that satisfies (1) and (2) of paragraph (A) of the preceding paragraph, if its location is other than Hong Kong;
(4) Associate member as of the time of the amendment of the articles of incorporation on June 18, 2004.

 (1) 前項Aの(1)及び(2)以外の香港に所在する企業、あるいは経済団体に雇用されており、かつ香港に居住する 日本人。
 (2) 日本と資本、取引、あるいは其の他の特別の関係を有する現地企業。
 (3) 前項Aの(1)及び(2)を満たしているが、香港以外で登録されている法人、企業及び経済団体。
 (4) 2004年6月18日の定款変更時現在の準会員。

2. Member Benefits and Roles
The three pillars of the Chamber's activities are providing information, networking, and advocating for solutions to issues. Members can receive support for smooth business operations in Hong Kong.
Members, on the other hand, are obliged to observe the rules set by the Chamber and to observe the social morals necessary for a business person.


3. Enrollment procedure and submission materials
Enrollment is not accepted at any time, but by written deliberation at the Board of Directors meeting every odd month.
(1) Please submit the documents A to C below from the application form on the web by the first week of the month of the meeting (the third Thursday of the odd-numbered month).
(2) After submission of the documents A to C, an interview with the Secretary General (in person or online) will be held by the week before the Board meeting.
*(Note) Deadline of the submission: Submission of documents A to C and interview with the Secretary General must be completed by the week before the Board meeting. Please understand that if you are late for the deadline, your enrollment will be discussed at the next odd-numbered month's board meeting.
However, you're always welcome to visit us to learn more about our activities before the submission. Please make an appointment via inquiry email.

Please submit the following (A) ~ (C) from the "Enrollment" in the upper and lower sections on the web.
(A) Application for membership;
(B) Copy of Business Registration
(C) Data for confirmation of shareholder structure (NNC1 or NAR1 copy). Copy of the certified copy of the registry in case for Associate Member.

    After HKJCCI Received it, we'll contact you.


4. After admission
 After the admission is approved by the board, we will send the related materials (Articles of incorporation, lists of members, and conference publications) and the membership fee invoice at the courier.
Please pay the admission fee and the annual fee within 30 days.


5. Schedule of each groups.
 You can join one or more of below groups;​

(Schedule may changed without notice.)

 ・Textile・Chemical ​(Even mth, #2Thu)
・Environment & Infrastructure (Even mth, #3Tue)
 ・Technology & Innovation ​​(Even mth, #4Fri)
  ​*Passive Component ​(Only those accepted by group members)
 ・Finance ​(Even mth, #3Thu)
 ・Transport & Insurance  ​​ ​(Odd mth, #1Fri)
 ・Tourism & Services  ​(Even mth, #3Wed)
 ・Food, Consumer Goods, Retail & Distribution (Odd mth, #2Mon)
 ・nterprise Support ​ ​(Even mth, #2Wed)


6. Fees
<Admission Fee (One off)>
 ・Main Members HK$3,000 ・Associate Members HK$1,500

<Annual Fee>
 ・Main Members 1Unit HK$3,000~5 Units HK$15,000 

 ・Associate Members HK$3,000

 ※For calculation method, please referHere (p.10).